Digital high power factor controller for cost-effective flyback LED drivers

07-09-2020 | Infineon | Lighting Technologies

Infineon Technologies has introduced the XDP digital power XDPL8219. The high-performance flyback controller features secondary-side regulation for high-performance and robust LED designs. It gives a high power factor and constant voltage output. The device functions in QRM to maximise the efficiency and minimise the EMI over a wide load range. It accommodates ABM at light load to stop audible noise while delivering a no-load standby power level below 100mW.

The device identifies the input voltage type (AC or constant DC) and adapts its proprietary voltage-mode pulse modulator accordingly for increased system performance. For AC input, it adjusts the pulse modulation for delivering a high power factor (>0.9) as well as low total harmonic distortion (<10%) over a broad input and load range. For a constant DC input, adapting pulse modulation results in an adjusted switching frequency, therefore, decreasing EMI over the complete operating range.

The device offers maximum design flexibility and performance optimisation through parameter configuration through a universal asynchronous receiver transmitter (UART) pin. Furthermore, the device optionally transmits UART signals to inform about input voltage, line frequency, controller temperature, last error code, and input voltage loss indication amongst others. Infineon provides programming tools, which include a user-friendly graphic user interface to configure the controller. This increased flexibility, together with reduced bill-of-materials shortens time-to-market.

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