Smallest PPTCs reduce the size of mobile and wearable devices

07-08-2020 | Littelfuse | Passives

Littelfuse has a new series of PPTCs created to assist the next generation of today’s most-used consumer electronics smaller and more reliable. The -- series offers robust overcurrent and overvoltage protection on the signal lines for both the lithium-ion battery pack ICs and fuel gauge. These PPTCs are for high voltage (13VDC) applications. Offered in the small 0201 surface-mount sizes, they are excellent for increasingly smaller mobile and wearable product designs.

“The zeptoSMDC is smaller than any currently available components in its class,” said Jin Xu, product manager at Littelfuse. “This enables electronics designers to more easily reduce the overall size of their portable, mobile, and wearable products while providing exceptional protection for the battery fuel gauge and battery management IC.”

Part of the PolySwitch family of resettable overcurrent protection devices, the new series is ideal for consumer electronics applications including smartphones, Notebook PCs, tablets, and e-Readers, wearables (smartwatches, fitness trackers), wireless speakers, portable game players, portable medical equipment, and mobile point-of-sale devices.