Advanced SDK features an extensive range of applications and tools

06-08-2020 | Cohda Wireless | Automotive Technologies

Cohda’s C-V2X SDK now features an extensive range of useful applications and tools, as well as a virtual simulation tool (vsim). This tool is unique to the company's SDK solution. It enables users to test their applications, before real-life deployment, through high-quality, simulated drives that give full playback capability for actual drive tests.

The SDK is a self-contained virtual machine that enables anyone with prior embedded Linux experience to swiftly compile and run C-V2X applications in conjunction with C-V2X development platforms, such as those highlighting the Qualcomm 9150 C-V2X chipset solution.

The SDK comprises source code for Red Light Warning and Road Side Alert to demonstrate the various APIs and facilitate quick application development.

The SDK also incorporates the Tester Control Interfaces for conducting conformance tests.

Fabien Cure, chief engineer at Cohda Wireless, said: “The functional benefits of this SDK, especially the vsim component, have significant tangible value in the C-V2X ecosystem.”

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