Sigma-delta ADC provides precision performance

23-07-2020 | Analog Devices | Semiconductors

The Analog Devices AD4115 is a low power, low noise, 24-bit, sigma-delta ADC integrating an AFE for fully differential or single-ended, high impedance (≥1MOhm), bipolar, ±10V voltage inputs.

The device combines key analog and digital signal conditioning blocks to configure eight individual setups for every analog input channel in use. The device offers a maximum channel scan rate of 24,845kSPS (40.25μs) for fully settled data.

The embedded 2.5V, low drift (±5ppm/C), band gap internal reference (with output reference buffer) decreases the external component count.

The digital filter provides flexible settings, comprising simultaneous 50Hz and 60Hz rejection at a 27.27SPS output data rate. The user is able to select different filter settings depending on the needs of each channel in the application. The automatic channel sequencer allows the ADC to switch through each enabled channel.

The precision performance of the ADC is accomplished by integrating the proprietary iPassives technology from the company. The device is factory calibrated to deliver a high degree of specified accuracy.

The device functions with a single power supply that provides simplified use in galvanically isolated applications. The specified operating temperature range is -40C to +105. The ADC is housed in a 40-lead, 6mm x 6mm LFCSP.

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