New antennas offer highest levels of performance and durability

19-05-2020 | Pasternack | Subs & Systems

Pasternack has introduced a new line of GPS timing antennas, vehicular antennas, and a 118-174MHz tunable, telescopic antenna to satisfy mobile wireless, portable instrumentation and wireless monitoring applications.

The company’s new GPS/GLNSS antennas give precise reception of satellite timing signals and reference frequencies for employment in advanced mobile and base station network applications. These IP67-rated outdoor antennas are ideal for usage in harsh environments. The combinations of NMO mount with integrated GPS and GLNSS antennas provides a 30dB gain LNA for the GPS models and a 28dB gain LNA for the GPS/GLNSS models, and both are IP66-rated for employment in harsh environments.

The 12 new vehicular poly spring and poly flex antennas offer wideband and tunable models, and ground dependent and ground independent models that manage up to 150W of input power. The vehicular antenna kits support frequency ranges of 108MHz to 870MHz and incorporate a duplexer, two antennas, NMO mounts, coaxial cable and crimp-on Type-N connectors.

The company's glass-mount antenna maintains frequency ranges of 824-960/1710-2170MHz and offers 2dBi gain. A new PE51TW1000 portable UHF antenna gives high performance in the UHF frequency range of 118-174MHz, is field tunable, and offers a flexible support mast and telescopic radiator.

“This new antenna line was developed to address the growing need for wireless communications in vehicular applications, including public safety, and applications requiring network time synchronisation and precision frequency reference. Our new GPS and vehicular antennas provide users with durable, high-quality solutions to a wide range of mobile communication applications,” said Mark Miller, product line manager.

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