Demo circuit for high-efficiency synchronous buck or boost DC-DC converter

05-05-2020 | Analog Devices | Design & Manufacture

Analog Devices DC2351A Demonstration Circuit for LT8228 Controller, a high-efficiency high voltage, synchronous buck or boost DC-DC converter. It is designed to have 36V to 56V on one side and 8V to 14V on the other side. The device can provide a 35A maximum output current in buck mode and gives 7A of current in boost mode. The demo board features the LT8228EFE controller. This piece is able to seamlessly transition from bucking to boosting.

The demo circuit is created to be paralleled with other DC2351A boards to improve the total output current. With sufficient heatsinking or airflow, the output current can be improved.

With a built-in circuit breaker function and other protection features, the device is excellent for high-reliability systems needing N+1 redundancy or other protections in industrial, automotive, medical, defence, and avionics applications.

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