Increased capacity and improved capability and service from enclosure experts

16-03-2020 | Verotec | Subs & Systems

Verotec offers the IMRAK 19” cabinet family, the Diplomat 19” desktop family, the KM6 subrack system and integrated systems, backplanes, thermal management solutions and power supplies. As well as standard products, the company provides a full, in-house manufacturing service to help customers in either modifying a standard product to suit a specific application or developing a bespoke solution to meet detailed project requirements. Capabilities incorporate design and engineering at the front end, through machining and fabrication of parts to final assembly and test. To support the increased manufacturing and modification requirements, the company has completed £500k+ capital investment programme.

The main elements of the investment were one of the first Trumpf TruPunch 1000 machines installed in the UK. It accepts standard 2.5m x 1.2m sheets up to 6.4mm thick and works at 600 strokes per minute. The patented MultiShear slitting tool produces mark-free separating cuts with no troublesome nibbling marks at speeds of up to 12m/minutes, excellent for creating long slots in large workpieces. Also installed was a Trumpf TruBend Series 3000 100 tonne laser aligned bending machine, which provides improved accuracy though automatic stress compensation as the workpiece is bent to the exact angle required.

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