Enclosures protect in the harshest and most demanding environments

24-02-2020 | RS Components | Subs & Systems

Fibox cabinets are created to enclose and protect equipment and devices in all conditions, even the harshest and most demanding environments. The cabinets continually outperform conventional steel cabinets. The cabinets guarantee a perfect solution for every enclosure application.

The enclosure dimensions offer multiple ranges from 200mm x 300mm x 180mm to 600mm x 400mm x 220mm. The Fibox ABS Enclosures are IP65 rated and come in multiple sizes. The enclosure base and terminal compartment cover features an EPDM gasket and screws for mounting plate/DIN-rail -3 and -L3 versions which includes a transparent cover with PUR gasket, hinges, locking devices, and FC version featuring closed PC frame front plate with PUR gasket and cover screws.

The CARDMASTER range is excellent for packaging instrumentation, measurement, monitoring and process control equipment. It offers two compartments - one for circuit boards and sensors with slots for PCB insertion, and another one for terminal and wiring. All enclosure sizes are available in both polycarbonate and ABS.

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