New oscilloscopes series builds on previous models

22-01-2020 | Saelig | Test & Measurement

Saelig Company has launched the new Siglent SDS2000X Plus Digital Oscilloscope Series comprising of four models: one two-channel 100MHz bandwidth (software upgradeable to 350MHz) and three four-channel models (100/200/350MHz.) The 350MHz models can be upgraded to 500MHz on two independent channels. A large 10.1" capacitive touchscreen supports multi-touch gestures. The oscilloscope range also provides a 10-bit acquisition mode that employs oversampling to achieve higher resolution than most scopes. Combined with the lowest vertical setting of 500μV/div, the series can display very small signal details. The four-channel models all feature dual 2GSa/s ADCs and also dual 200Mpt memory modules. This enhanced memory depth allows a high sample rate at larger time/div settings. This is valuable when analysing high-frequency content on slowly changing signals by giving the detail required, regardless of time-base settings.

The series also provides a Power Analysis option for automatic on-screen performance analysis of common power supply characteristics. The optional probes for current and differential voltage measurements offer a worthy addition for power design applications. When developing SMPS, Bode plots are a useful way to measure the phase and gain margin of feedback loop systems to ascertain the stability of the design. This is now easily performed on the new series of oscilloscopes.

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