Memory solutions reduce costs and retain data at power loss

04-12-2019 | Microchip Technology | Subs & Systems

Microchip has a new family of SPI EERAM memory products offering system designers up to 25% cost savings over the current serial NVRAM alternatives. The family introduces four reliable SPI densities to the company's EERAM portfolio, ranging from 64Kb up to 1Mb.

EERAM is a standalone non-volatile RAM memory that utilises the same SPI and I2C protocols as serial SRAM, allowing devices to retain SRAM content through power loss without employing an external battery. All non-volatile aspects of the part are invisible to the user. When the device identifies power going away, it automatically transfers the SRAM data to non-volatile storage and passes it back to the SRAM once power returns to the part. EERAMs automatically store SRAM content in these settings, enabling the manufacturing line to continue where the task was disrupted.

The primary reason EERAM is offered at a lower price point is the use of standard CMOS and Flash processes. Because these are the highest volume and most widely used processes, they provide the best reliability and lowest cost in the industry.

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