LED controller delivers more functionality for ambient light applications

05-12-2019 | Melexis | Automotive Technologies

Melexis has extended its IC family with a new generation of the LIN RGB(W) LED controller. The new device – the MLX81113 – supports further growth of RGB LED-based automotive ambient lighting, also known as LIN RGB, which is now established within nearly every OEM worldwide. The controller offers more on-chip memory, higher output current and increased EMC robustness compared to the MLX81108. It also provides ISO 26262 functional-safety compliance to support its usage in ASIL-A classified systems.

The device raises system-on-chip abilities, offering the MLX16 FX 16-bit RISC microcontroller with 2kbyte of RAM and 32kbyte of application usable Flash memory, together with system ROM for improved application performance. The on-chip EEPROM is raised to 576bytes for storing user data, such as LED calibration coefficients to assure uniform brightness and colour for automotive applications.

“Lighting is one of the key features for future personalisation and differentiation within the driver’s cabin. With our newest product, we further extend our lighting product family to support this trend,” said Michael Bender, LIN product line manager at Melexis. “Our LIN-compatible RGB(W) drivers enable sophisticated yet cost-effective ambient lighting for vehicles from entry-level to mid-range and luxury models. The MLX81113 raises the performance bar and lowers the external component count, thanks to the very high EMC robustness archived by using silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology. Additionally, it is designed in accordance with ISO 26262 to ease system-level functional-safety certification.”

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