Next-generation automotive radar chips enabled with new high-precision test chamber

25-11-2019 | Rohde & Schwarz | Automotive Technologies

Rohde & Schwarz has produced the ATS1500C antenna test system, a test chamber for high-performance radar testing, providing an exceptional indirect far-field testing performance. This innovation enabled Uhnder to mature the technology behind the first 4D digital automotive radar-on-chip with 192 virtual channels.

The test system comprises of the new, compact ATS1500C automotive radar test chamber for far-field testing, together with the AREG100A automotive radar echo generator for accurate radar target simulation at various distances. Collectively, they form a unique and innovative indirect far-field testing solution for reliable and reproducible verifying of radar sensors through the R&D and validation phase in a user-friendly and very compact lab setup.

The ATS1500C features a high accurate CATR reflector, generating a 30cm diameter quiet zone for testing in the frequency range from 77-81GHz. Its high-precision 3D tilt-tilt positioner allows testing of premium automotive radars. A meticulously designed absorber layout removes ghost targets throughout simulation.

Holger Gryska, market segment manager automotive radar at Rohde & Schwarz, says: “The joint effort with Uhnder shows how T&M expertise and industry-leading experience can generate true innovation. Both companies are known to be pioneers that excel in their fields, further advancing technologies on the road towards fully autonomous driving."

Ralf Reuter, fellow and senior director of Customer and Applications Engineering at Uhnder, says, "Rohde & Schwarz was our partner of choice for developing this new technology. Our 4D digitally modulated RoC has special testing requirements and having a partner with the necessary expertise, precision and agility was vital for us. We were able to meet and even surpass our performance targets for our product and take the next step towards the truly driverless future."

CES 2020, Las Vegas, January 7 to 10, 2020.

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