Quick charging for hybrid and electric vehicles

28-10-2019 | TTI Europe | Automotive Technologies

Environmental awareness and demand for CO2 emissions to be limited call for electric vehicles to strongly enter the market. Automotive manufacturers rollout EV proactively to satisfy the further tightening of the environmental regulations worldwide. Therefore, the charging infrastructure is required to be established and expand. JAE ‘KW1 Quick Charger’, available now from TTI Europe, addresses the above issues and facilitate charging of hybrid and electric vehicles compliant with the CHAdeMO standard. The product is offered for two certification standards: with the European CE marking and UL certification accordingly. The charger is designed for handling by car users and is intended for easy and safe operation. The grip has been ergonomically designed, and it delivers intuitive single-action operation.

This certified model is durable enough to pass the severe tests such as Vehicle Drive Over. Highly weather and flammability resistant resins are employed for the outer shell making. The device utilises DC charging (500V) by current intake 125A for quick charging (15-30 minutes).

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