Ultrasonic disks ideal for a variety of applications

24-09-2019 | TDK | Test & Measurement

TDK Corporation offers a new series of ceramic-based EPCOS ultrasonic sensor disks, covering two standard types. The B59050Z0206A030 sensor disk has a diameter of 5mm and thickness of 1.02mm. With a serial resonance frequency of 2000kHz, it provides thickness oscillation mode (axial), making is ideal for use in liquid media. The B59070Z0285D12* has a diameter of 7mm and a thickness of 0.195mm. It provides a radial mode of oscillation at 285kHz and is ideal for operation in air.

The RoHS-compatible sensor disks are ideal for a diversity of applications. In automotive electronics, for instance, they can be employed in park assist or blind-spot monitoring systems, or level sensing for fuel and SCR tanks, including interior monitoring for anti-theft systems. In industrial electronics applications, the sensor disks allow the flow metering of fluids or gases and the level sensing of fluids or bulk materials. The disks are also ideal for collision avoidance systems in automated guided vehicles. Aside from the standard types, application-specific versions can also be constructed.

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