New generation of laser welding solutions for the plastic industry

30-09-2019 | Panasonic | Subs & Systems

Panasonic fibre lasers satisfy the demands for the new generation of laser welding systems, transforming the welding of plastic components.

Panasonic Industry laser marking systems are solidly established in the market due to their excellent quality and exclusive services. The unique MOFPA fibre laser technology, for identification marking of plastic components sets the company laser marking systems apart. This expertise and years of experience have been consolidated into the development of the new VL-W1 laser welding system.

A new integration module was created principally for the company‘s laser welding system VL-W1. It corresponds precisely to the dimensions and features of the laser welding system. This makes it simpler for integrators and machine builders to execute the laser welding process for plastics into their production lines. The building work and the risks that occur when a new process has to be incorporated into an existing line are reduced by the I-Module. A large field of operation (200mm x 150mm) makes it simple to insert multiple components. Different clamping mechanisms enable tension forces from 400N up to 3000N. A position measuring system with a resolution of 0.003mm ensures a highly precise placing within the device.

The company also provides an excellent surrounding for the series: the LCP-3000 workstation. This workstation is ideal for an extensive assortment of laser welding applications due to possible servo-driven X-, Y- and Z-axis tables or servo-driven rotary indexing table. Even a 360-degree-solution with rotary shaft is offered. The LCP-3000 workstation is furnished with a servo-driven cabin safety door and an internal extraction unit with an optional filter insert.