New cellular vehicle-to-everything communication solution helps develop safer cars

27-09-2019 | National Instruments | Automotive & Transport

National Instruments has announced the SEA C-V2X Open Loop Test System, leveraging 5G wireless cellular technology to supply high bandwidth and low latency communication for V2V and V2I communications.

The company is collaborating with SEA to help maximise the potential of connected and intelligent mobility by implementing a software-defined approach to assist automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to validate the safety and efficiency of the cars. As the 3GPP standards develop, including 5G NR capability with 3GPP Release 16 scheduled for 2020, a software-defined platform offers OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers the flexibility to adjust to the latest technology with minimum hardware and software changes.

“Vehicles equipped with V2X technology can give drivers and autonomous systems more time to react to dangerous situations,” said Gerd Schmitz, PhD, CEO of SEA Datentechnik GmbH. “With SEA's long history of bringing new technologies to market, we recognised that research teams need to quickly understand the functionality and validate performance in a reliable and repeatable environment. Road tests are valuable; however, proving performance in the lab helps teams iterate faster and have higher confidence in the device operation under a broader set of scenarios, including hard-to-reproduce corner cases.”

By Natasha Shek