Piezo actuators evaluation kits for haptic feedback

02-07-2019 | TDK | Design & Manufacture

TDK Corporation offers two evaluation kits that give a first impression of the diverse possibilities of haptic feedback that can be achieved with PowerHap piezo actuators.

The BOS1901-Kit development kit is created for and incorporates three 60V actuators. The board is based on the CapDrive driver design from Boréas Technologies, a developer of ultra-low-power haptic technologies with which the company has signed a cooperative agreement. The main characteristics of the BOS1901 piezoelectric driver are its small dimensions, low current consumption and fast response times.

The second evaluation kit is ideal not only for the 60V PowerHap types, but also the 120V types, and is offered in two versions: A driver for one actuator, and driver for up to five actuators. These kits contain three types of PowerHap actuators.

Both kits offer a USB interface and provide extensive setting options regarding voltage amplitude, frequency, pulse repetition rate, signal shape and sensor functionality.

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