New capacitive touch controllers accelerate EMI qualification of automotive touchscreens

08-07-2019 | Microchip Technology | Automotive Technologies

To satisfy EMI and EMC challenges encountered by developers of automotive touchscreens, three new maXTouch touchscreen controllers and optimisation services are now offered by Microchip. The TD family of touch controllers provides a new differential mutual signal acquisition method that increases the SNR. This enables the use of extremely thick glass or plastic cover lenses and multi-finger thick gloved touch support up to the equivalence of 4.5mm PMMA.

The MXT1067TD, MXT1189TD and MXT1665TD devices add various variants that are cost optimised for 9" to 13" automotive touchscreens to the company's portfolio and are complemented by the recently-introduced MXT449TD, MXT641TD, MXT2113TD and MXT2912TD devices supporting up to 20" touchscreens. Each device meets aspects of the growing demand for functional safety features and is created in accordance with the Automotive SPICE Level 3 capability, and ISO 26262 Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) B demands.

“Our approach to automotive touchscreens greatly simplifies and reduces design times, allowing developers to use the same design environment and product features for various sizes, uses cases, different cover lens materials and thicknesses across vehicle models,” said Fanie Duvenhage, vice president of Microchip’s Human Machine Interface business unit. “Microchip’s devices are supported by eight dedicated application and sensor design centres around the world to help customers with configurations dependent on everything from screen size and aspect ratio to the type and provider of the display and the architecture of the complete stack-up.”

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