New high vibration acceleration-resistant power choke coil

17-06-2019 | Panasonic | Automotive & Transport

Panasonic Industry has introduced a new Power Choke Coil with high resistance to heat and vibration as well as support for a large current. Due to the usage of ferrous alloy magnetic material, the new ETQP5M2R5YSK offers exceptional inductance stability even at high bias current input and over a wide temperature range up to 150C. The new coil is AEC-Q200 qualified and features a low audible buzz noise. With its resistivity of 50G or higher vibration acceleration, it is the perfect application for automotive use in ECUs placed in the engine itself and mechanical-electrical- integrated ECUs.

The device is ideal as a noise filter for various drive circuitry, which needs high-temperature operation and peak current handling capabilities. Similarly, Boost-Converter and Buck-Converter DC-DC applications are a suitable operation purpose.

By Natasha Shek