New range of high-quality cables and assemblies target IT and maintenance technicians

10-05-2019 | RS Components | Subs & Systems

RS Components has introduced under its RS PRO brand an extensive range of high-quality audio/video (A/V) and data cables, comprising of HDMI, USB and other assorted AV cables. The range is ideal for use by maintenance technicians and engineers working in IT and other AV purposes over a multitude of markets and application sectors.

This latest range comprises a comprehensive series of high-speed HDMI cables, which support the 4K ultra-high-definition resolution and also offer a built-in Ethernet channel and support for ARC and 3D viewing. A major feature of the cables is their gold-flashed contacts, which produce a higher quality finish while also offering anti-corrosive properties.

Variants in the series of USB connections comprise A and B, male and female; micro A and B types; mini-A and -B (both four and five-pin types); USB 3.0-B and -micro variants; USB 3.1 type C devices; and a variety of USB to Lightning connector cables.

The range also offers an extensive selection of alternative signal-format cables created to connect sources to displays, including VGA/SVGA, DVI, DisplayPort, and mini-DisplayPort, as well as a series of KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) cables for connection to computers.

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