High power factor LED driver-controller with mixed-mode dimming

24-05-2019 | Diodes Inc | Lighting Technologies

Diodes Incorporated has introduced the AL1665 single-stage, fly-back and buck-boost controller for commercial, connected, and dimmable LED lighting installations operating at up to 100W.

The device is intended to drive an external MOSFET to regulate LED loads and manage a high power factor. It offers a compact and efficient solution that assists in minimising the usage of extra components and supports high switching efficiency.

Designed to run from an AC input voltage of between 85VAC and 305VAC, the device employs PSR topologies, eliminating the requirement for optical isolation or secondary side control. With PSR, developers can create smaller solutions using less PCB area and attain lower BOM costs, while providing constant current regulation to high-power LED lighting applications.

The capability to apply dimming over 0.5% to 100% of the high-power output makes the device ideal for commercial LED applications where the lighting output levels require to be adaptable to save power, or for aesthetic purposes like in retail displays. Compatible with ANSI-approved dimmers, the output voltage can be altered between 0V and 10V using a dedicated PWM input, or with an analog input voltage of between 0V and 2.5V, making it easy to create connected lighting systems that can be managed both locally and remotely.

The device uses BCM conversion with valley switching to reduce losses and achieve high efficiency with low EMI. The broad supply voltage enables the device to work in any geographical region directly from the main supply, while its line and load regulation of less than ±2%, power factor of more than 0.9, and THD of less than 20% allows manufacturers to satisfy all relevant legislation.

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