Evaluation kit maintains flexibility in a testing environment

03-05-2019 | Analog Devices | Design & Manufacture

Analog Devices EVAL-ADuM4137 Evaluation Kit demonstrates the advanced features of the ADuM4137 while preserving flexibility in a testing environment. The High Voltage, Isolated IGBT Gate Driver provides an overcurrent detection option that guards the IGBT in case of overcurrent events.

The board layout can be optimised with a circuit that is simple to manipulate via jumper pins, improving the performance of the system. The Board employs the USB-SDP-CABLEZ programming cable to enter the secondary side EEPROM and comprises the option to drive the SPI bus with any other SPI compatible system. The USB-SDP-CABLEZ Cable works with a 3.3V logic supply, while the ADuM4137 has an internal 5V regulator. Interfacing is enabled via a resistor divider on the MISO line for the R21 and R22 resistors. The Kit needs a power supply, cable, and signal generator.

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