Automotive USB 3.1 smarthub enables 10x faster data rates

01-03-2019 | Microchip Technology | Automotive Technologies

Microchip now offers an automotive-qualified USB 3.1 Gen1 SmartHub IC, providing up to 10 times faster data rates over existing USB 2.0 solutions and decreasing indexing times to enhance the user experience in vehicles. To assist the rising adoption of USB Type-C in the smartphone market and allow universal connectivity in vehicles, the USB7002 SmartHub IC incorporates interfaces for USB Type-C connectors.

Consumer need for faster mobile device charging has driven the rise of USB Type-C in the smartphone industry. The USB7002 consolidates the benefits of USB 3.1 technology with the rising popularity of USB Type-C. The device allows direct USB Type-C connections through native CC pin interfaces and integrated 2:1 multiplexers that support the reversible connection feature of the USB Type-C connector.

To support the driver assistance applications that are now standard on all mobile handsets, the SmartHub ICs also incorporate the company's patented FlexConnect technology, which offers the unique capability to dynamically swap between a USB host and USB device.

The SmartHub ICs also feature patented multi-host end-point reflector technology, which enables USB data to be mirrored between two USB hosts.

The device IC is supported by a comprehensive solution including the MPLAB Connect Configurator hub configuration tool, evaluation boards with schematics and gerbers to reduce development time. The company's USBCheck services enable manufacturers to verify designs and layouts before sending out a PCB for manufacturing, significantly expediting time to market for end products.

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