Ethernet bridges use low-power sub-states enabling power savings

13-02-2019 | Microchip Technology | Subs & Systems

Microchip has released the LAN7430/1 Ethernet bridge which provides new options for embedded and automotive platform designers who are exploring PCIe 3.1 LPSS L1.1 and L1.2 for power savings.

The LAN7430 offers integrated power, clocks and an Ethernet PHY interface while the LAN7431 gives RGMII for alternative PHYs and switches. The LPSS L1.1 (snooze) and L1.2 (off) allow designers to decrease power consumption and better battery life by snoozing or turning off the high-speed circuits in the PHY when not in use. When connected to an application SoC or processor as host, the devices enable the host device to deliver audio, data or video data through the 10/100/1000 Ethernet network.

With the new device, the company offers customers using PCIe Ethernet bridges design confidence through worldwide technical support, product longevity, design review services of final designs and fully released drivers for Linux or Windows operating systems. The company's customer-driven obsolescence practice is a philosophy that serves to ensure that, for as long as demand endures for any product, they will make efforts to continue to offer it.

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