SiC Schottky diodes provide improved efficiency, reliability and thermal management

13-02-2019 | Littelfuse | Semiconductors

Littelfuse has introduced two second-generation series of 650V, AEC-Q101-qualified SiC Schottky Diodes. The LSIC2SD065CxxA and LSIC2SD065AxxA Series SiC Schottky Diodes are offered with a selection of current ratings (6A, 8A, 10A, 16A or 20A). They provide power electronics system designers a mixture of performance advantages, including high surge capability, negligible reverse recovery current, and a maximum operating junction temperature of 175C, so they are perfect for applications that demand reliability, enhanced efficiency, and thermal management.

In comparison to standard silicon PN-junction diodes, the series support dramatic decreases in switching losses and substantial increases in the efficiency and robustness of a power electronics system. As they dissipate less energy and can work at higher junction temperatures than Si-based solutions, they provide for smaller heat sinks and a smaller system footprint. This gives end-users all the advantages of more compact, energy-efficient systems and the potential for a lower total cost of ownership.

Typical applications for the devices include PFC, buck/boost stages in DC-DC converters, free-wheeling diodes in inverter stages, high-frequency output rectification, and electric vehicle (EV) applications.

“These new series are our first 650V SiC Schottky Diode offerings; all our previous releases were 1200V-rated devices, so we can now address a wider range of applications and further complement the Littelfuse SiC MOSFET portfolio,” said Christophe Warin, Silicon Carbide product marketing manager, Semiconductor Business Unit at Littelfuse. “Their AEC-Q101 qualification puts these diodes in a higher class than similar devices in terms of quality and reliability.”

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