Isolated CAN transceivers ideal for automation, process control and building control

09-01-2019 | Analog Devices | Subs & Systems

Analog Devices ADI ADM3055E/ADM3057E Signal and Power Isolated CAN Transceivers are 5kVrms and 3kVrms isolated CAN physical layer transceivers with integrated isolated DC-DC converters. The devices can support data rates as high as 12Mbps. The devices use iCoupler technology to combine a three-channel isolator, a CAN transceiver, and the company's isoPower DC-DC converter into a single, SMD, SOIC package. The CAN transceivers are powered by a single 5V supply, realising a fully isolated solution for CAN and CAN FD. The devices provide total isolation between the CAN controller and physical layer bus.

The ADM3055E provides 5kV RMS isolation voltage, a 10kV surge test, and 8.3mm creepage and clearance to guarantee the device meets application reinforced isolation demands. The ADM3057E has an isolation voltage of 3kVrms and 7.8mm creepage in a 20-lead, wide-body SOIC. The transceivers are fully specified over an industrial temperature range of -40C to +105C.

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