Versatile EMI filters range is high quality and cost-effective

11-12-2018 | XP | Subs & Systems

XP Power has launched a range of chassis mount and IEC inlet EMI filters that meet the demand for equipment to conform to the latest EMC emissions and immunity standards. The filters are ideal for any electrical or electronic equipment that is powered from a single phase AC supply. Aimed at medical and IT equipment manufacturers, types FASA/M, FCSS, FDMM, FFSA, FGSM are IEC power entry inlets with integral line filters, and types FHSA/M and FIHA/M are chassis mount filters. Displaying versatility, FFSA and FGSM units also highlight input switches. The range comprises many variations to cater for a broad variety of end-user demands and contribute greatly to OEM customers’ time saving when including the units into host equipment. The company’s EMI filters provide a wide operating temperature range -40C to 110C, with full power operation to +50C. This working range permits operation in warmer ambient temperatures than competitors’ products that derate from +40C.

By Craig Dyball