Fast assembly covers for chokes

04-12-2018 | REO (UK) Limited | Subs & Systems

REO UK has a new range of IP20 steel vented covers available for industrial chokes. The increasing demand for electrical chokes in industry has generated the need for a fast, reliable and easy-to-assemble cover for speedy installations. When power is filtered by the choke, it dissipates the excess energy as heat. As such, the company's new range of steel covers must protect the choke, while also dissipating the heat effectively to stop degradation of the choke’s functions. Due to the properties of steel, the IP20 steel vented cover is efficient at quickly dissipating heat in high-temperature environments. “Our customers increasingly demand choke covers that are faster and easier to assemble, while also allowing for flexibility in where they can be located,” explained Steve Hughes, managing director of REO UK. “To answer this problem, we developed the new REO IP20 steel vented cover. Even though it has been made for fast assembly, it still maintains the high levels of heat dissipation required by our high standards.”

By Electropages Admin