REO (UK) Limited

Braking resistors bring lasting reliability to marine applications

REO UK has released the cost and space-saving potential of water-cooled braking resistors with a successful vessel project in the marine industry. The company supplied its REOHM se

Passives | 26-08-2021

High power is brought to a small resistor

REO UK has delivered high power brake resistors into the 21st century with its new REOHM series 155 braking resistors produced for industrial control cabinets. The device can deliv

Passives | 23-08-2019

Medical isolation transformers provides improved safety

REO UK has launched its latest edition of REOMED, a range of MIT for the galvanic and safe isolation of medical equipment from mains supplies. The newest generation of the series h

Products | 19-02-2019

Fast assembly covers for chokes

REO UK has a new range of IP20 steel vented covers available for industrial chokes. The increasing demand for electrical chokes in industry has generated the need for a fast, relia

Products | 04-12-2018

REO UK – Securing industrial plants against hacking

The recent WannaCry cyber attack was widely reported on how it largely targeted NHS trusts in the UK. However, many factories attacked across the world were not reported, shutting

Products | 07-07-2017

Power line filter reduces electrical interference for farmers

REO UK has launched the CNW 163, a power line filter designed to combat electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) in the agriculture industry. Power

Products | 31-03-2017

Portable power supplies for laboratory, test and factory applications

REO has refreshed its REOLINE range of portable power supplies for laboratory, test and factory applications. The range provides an adjustable low-loss output voltage, integrated s

Products | 19-07-2016

Transformers ensure medical systems meet European performance standards

REO UK has launched a new compact transformer for use in medical applications. The REO Unimed transformer is designed to overcome the growing challenge faced by the medical profe

Products | 20-02-2015

New braking resistor provides better power efficiency and increased safety

Power quality specialist REO (UK) has launched a new braking resistor incorporating a component mounting surface. The novel design of the BW156.9 range will free up installation