Multi-output MEMS clock generator offers space savings on timing components

07-11-2018 | Microchip Technology | Subs & Systems

Microchip has released what is claimed to be the industry’s smallest MEMS clock generator. The DSC613 can replace up to three crystals and oscillators on a board, decreasing timing component board-space by up to 80%. The device removes the need for an external crystal by combining a low-power and high-stability MEMS resonator. This clock family enables product designers to reduce application size while extending battery life.

To support the range of frequencies required in today’s smart devices, system designers must place multiple crystals/oscillators next to the controllers on a board or use a clock generator with an external crystal for the reference input. This family is a true single-chip solution that incorporates a MEMS resonator and two low-power PLLs into a six-pin DFN package as small as 1.6mm x 1.2mm. The compact package size and extensive frequency flexibility make the family ideal for compact devices that demand low-power operation, such as digital cameras, smart speakers, VR headsets, streaming sticks and set-top boxes.

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