TVS diode offers single-component protection solution for higher voltage transients

12-11-2018 | Littelfuse | Semiconductors

Littelfuse has expanded their TPSMB series of automotive TVS diodes that shield sensitive automotive circuitry from a higher level of voltage transients caused by lightning and other transient voltage events.

The latest products expand the series’ breakdown voltage range from 7.5V to 550V for unidirectional and 10V to 650V for bidirectional devices. These AEC-Q101 qualified TVS Diodes offer 600W of peak pulse power dissipation in a standard DO-214AA SMB package. By making it unnecessary to use many TVS Diodes in series to give adequate protection, the expanded series simplifies PCB design and enhances reliability.

Typical applications include IGBT active clamping in HVAC systems, convertor/invertor systems for electric vehicles, series battery protection in automotive Battery Management Systems, Xenon headlamp ignitors, ECUs, automotive sensors, BCMs/LIN Bus/CAN Bus, and on-board entertainment systems.

“The high voltage additions to the TPSMB Series of Automotive TVS Diodes offer circuit designers a single-component alternative to using multiple TVS Diodes in series to provide higher levels of transient voltage protection,” said Charlie Cai, Global Product Manager, Electronics Business Unit at Littelfuse. “Not only does this simplify the design of the printed circuit board but it enhances the reliability of the design.”

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