New satellite navigation module has faster and more accurate positioning

02-11-2018 | Fujitsu | Subs & Systems

Fujitsu Electronics Europe is expanding its ultra-low power portfolio to incorporate a multi-receiver GNSS module: MSB1054. GNSS now encompasses a mixture of systems: not only GPS but also GLONASS, QZSS, SBAS, Galileo and BeiDou. The capability to receive signals from several satellite systems significantly reduces the TTFF, meaning a faster and more accurate positioning.

Beside the GNSS device itself, the device offers a built-in RF-front end (SAW filter, LNA) as well as a TCXO, so with the exclusion of an antenna, no external component is needed. Moreover, the company's GNSS module is provided with a built-in Flash memory for quick 'hot start', to save the navigation data and further optimise its performance.

With its super-small dimensions of 5.8mm x 6.2mm x 1mm, and only 3.4mA current in low-power mode (tracking, e.g. Period 60s), the device is perfect for a mixture of applications such as smart watches, fitness trackers, logistics (asset tracking and monitoring), indoor or outdoor navigation.

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