High-performance components removes measurement complexity and improves accuracy

05-10-2018 | Anritsu | Subs & Systems

Anritsu Company has launched new W1 coaxial components that are metrology-grade created and manufactured to provide precision performance and repeatability for high-frequency measurements. Comprised of a W1 connectorised power splitter, directional coupler, power divider and attenuators, the new family reduces measurement setup time, stops measurement complexity, and improves accuracy, making them an excellent alternative to millimeter-interfaced solutions.

Unlike other solutions, the components are not band limited and support a frequency range from DC to 110GHz. The industry-best frequency coverage removes the requirement to de-embed adapters between native coaxial interface types, therefore eliminating the need for calibrations between coax to waveguide. The result is a solution saving time and money, and is more efficient.

The high performance of the connectors makes them ideal for a mixture of high-frequency designs. They can be used for on-wafer characterisation and measurements; to characterise amplifiers and sub-components in automotive radar, and for instrument calibration and characterisation in metrology labs.

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