Best-in-class ARM processor in application-friendly shape

02-08-2018 | Congatec | Subs & Systems

Congatec has released the conga-SMX8, their first SMARC 2.0 Computer-on-Module based on the 64-bit NXP i.MX8 multi-core ARM processor family. The ARM Cortex-A53/A72 based device represents the new flagship module for ultra-low-power embedded computer designs, providing the recent best-in-class ARM processor with outstanding performance, flexible graphics and many embedded features for all kind of IIoT applications. It offers high-performance multi-core computing as well as extended graphics capabilities for up to three independent 1080p displays or a single 4K screen. Additional benefits of this native industrial-grade platform incorporate hardware-based real-time and hypervisor support with broad scalability as well as protection against harsh environments and increased temperature ranges. All these features allow the module to meet the performance and feature set demands for low power embedded, industrial and IoT applications as well as the new mobility sector.

The new modules with NXP i.MX8 processors, hardware-based virtualisation and resource partitioning, are of interest in a wide range of stationary and mobile industrial applications including real-time robotics and motion controls. Since the modules are qualified for the extended ambient temperature range from -40C to +85C, they can be used in fleet systems for commercial vehicles or infotainment applications in cabs, buses and trains as well as all the new electric and autonomous vehicles.

"Due to the tremendous increase in performance, functionality and connectivity of ARM architectures, ARM-based Computer-on-Modules gain significantly more importance and acceptance, as they reduce the overall system design costs for hardware and software and enable faster time to market for the final end application," explains Martin Danzer, director Product Management at Congatec. "Our SMARC 2.0 modules are application-ready sub systems that come with a comprehensive ecosystem such as ready-to-go boot loader implementation, pre-qualified Linux and Android BSPs and fully featured evaluation carrier boards as well as personal integration support and a broad range of individually selectable technical services to significantly simplify the integration of this new i.MX8 processor for our customers."

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