Evaluation boards demonstrate precise AC and DC performance of ADCs

24-08-2018 | Analog Devices | Design & Manufacture

The Analog Devices DC2365A Evaluation Boards are intended to evaluate LTC2358, LTC2357, LTC2353, and LTC2333 16/18-bit ADCs. These ADCs are low noise, high speed, and 16-bit/18-bit SAR. For precise sampling rates or to demonstrate AC performance such as SNR, THD, SINAD, and SFDR, the DC2365A boards use DC890 data collection board. These DC2365A evaluation boards demonstrate the AC and DC performance of the ADCs in conjunction with the DC590/DC2026 and DC890 data collection boards. The evaluation boards come with DC590/DC2026 data collection boards to demonstrate DC linearity and DC performance such as peak-to-peak noise.

The SAR ADCs enable a broad common mode range that allows the ADCs to connect directly to sensors without compromising measurement accuracy. The evaluation boards consist of a 2X buffer and an internal 2.048V reference to simplify basic operation. These DC2365A evaluation boards use an external reference to increase the SNR and input range of the ADC.

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