Safe, reliable and reinforced isolation for applications up to 1200V

11-06-2018 | Power Integrations | Automotive Technologies

Power Integrations offers two new members of its SCALE-iDriver gate-driver IC family that are now certified to AEC-Q100 Grade Level 1 for automotive use. The two parts, SID1132KQ and SID1182KQ, are suitable for driving 650V, 750V and 1200V automotive IGBT and SiC-MOSFET modules, and are rated for peak currents of +/-2.5A and +/-8A respectively. The SID1182KQ has one of the highest output currents available and is capable of driving a 600A /1200V and 820A /750V switch.

The family of single-channel IGBT and SiC-MOSFET driver ICs features the company's innovative FluxLink magneto-inductive bi-directional communication technology which assures reinforced galvanic isolation among the primary and secondary sides, establishing a new standard in isolation integrity and stability. FluxLink technology removes the requirement for optoelectronics, which suffers parametric changes with age and constant thermal degradation limiting operational lifetime. Usage of magnetically-coupled conductors secured into a homogenous thermoset, high-quality insulation considerably improves operational stability and longevity. The devices use the company's compact and robust eSOP package, offering a CTI level of 600, 9.5mm creepage and clearance distance, and readily meets automotive 5500m requirements.

Comments Michael Hornkamp, senior director of marketing for gate-driver products at Power Integrations: “Automotive manufacturers require safe, smart and highly integrated solutions for EV and HEV applications including the main inverter, brake chopper, DC-DC battery converter and AC-DC onboard battery-charger designs. AEC-Q100 approval for the SCALE-iDriver gate-driver family enables automotive design engineers to increase system efficiency and, for the first time, benefit from this ultra-safe and reliable isolation technology. Our FluxLink magnetic coupling technology permits data transfer with galvanic isolation and includes a minimum internal 0.4mm separation through high-quality insulation between the low- and high-voltage sides. SCALE-iDriver automotive ICs achieve a new level of driver reliability and isolation safety.”

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