New ultra-small robust ceramic UHF RFID tag for the medical market

21-06-2018 | Kyocera | Subs & Systems

Kyocera provides small and robust UHF RFID tags consisting of ceramic packages with a proprietary multilayer structure as well as a built-in RFID antenna that can extend the read range up to 2X in comparison with conventional tags of the same size. Also, the company has created a new ultra-small tag with a size of 5mm x 2mm x 1.5mm, further reducing the tag volume by almost 50%.

The product offers a robust package made of LTCC withstands high temperatures up to 300C (depending on RFID tag structure) and humidity levels up to 85%. Also, the ceramic package is produced with a special cavity structure to shield the IC chip against mechanical stress and chemical exposure.

This UHF RFID tag has a unique antenna design which distinguishes itself from traditional tags. The proprietary multilayer structure of the antenna ends in an expanded read range in combination with a miniaturised ultra-small tag size. The RFID tags provide a superior reading distance regarding their small size so that a reading distance of 0.4m can be realised with a tag.

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