On-chip flash memory MCU features advanced 28nm embedded flash technology

29-03-2018 | Renesas | Subs & Systems

Renesas Electronics has announced the sample shipment of the industry's first on-chip flash memory MCU using a 28nm process technology. To add to the fulfilment of next-generation green cars and autonomous vehicles with higher efficiency and reliability, the RH850/E2x Series MCU incorporates up to six 400MHz CPU cores, which claims to make it the first on-chip flash memory automotive MCU to achieve the industry's highest processing performance of 9600MIPS). The new MCU series also offers a built-in flash memory of up to 16MB as well as enhanced security functions and functional safety. Under Renesas autonomy, a platform for assisted and automated driving, the company provides end-to-end solutions that advance the evolution of vehicles towards next-generation green cars, connected cars, and autonomous-driving vehicles. The 28nm-generation automotive control MCU is a new product featuring next-generation technology for achieving vehicle control, which, together with the R-Car Family of SoCs designed for cloud connectivity and sensing, form the two main pillars of the platform. Car OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturers have started to adopt the new 28nm MCU, understanding the MCU’s superior processing performance able to develop next-generation fuel-efficient engines, as well as its scalability as a platform addressing the expected ECU integration to come from changes in automotive electrics/electronics (E/E) architecture.

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