Faster development of advanced applications for autonomous vehicles

29-03-2018 | Abaco Systems | Automotive Technologies

Abaco Systems is now offering Release 2.0 of its powerful, flexible ImageFlex image processing and visualisation toolkit. Using the power of GPU technology, the toolkit offers an easy-to-use API framework to speed and simplify the optimisation, development and maintenance of advanced AI applications – particularly those targeted at autonomous vehicles.

The software allows developers of image/video processing and visualisation applications on GPUs to be considerably more productive by hiding the complexity of the underlying software layers while preserving high performance. By providing an OpenGL abstraction layer (no OpenGL experience is required), it can decrease the number of lines of code required by a factor of five, drastically decreasing the time and effort required to create, maintain and test the application. This indicates faster time-to-market as well as lower development cost.

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