Diesel diagnostics kit combines with two hydraulic pressure transducers for accurate fault diagnoses

09-11-2017 | Saelig | Subs & Systems

Saelig Company has introduced the Pico Technology Engine and Hydraulics Kit - designed for diagnosing problems on machinery and vehicles from an electrical and pressure-sensing viewpoint. Making real-time measurements of pressures up to 600 bar (8700psi) enables a technician to view hydraulic performance not previously visible with conventional gauges. Combining a PicoScope 4425 4-channel PC-based automotive oscilloscope kit with PicoScope software and two WPS600C hydraulic pressure transducers, the kit provides an unparalleled window into hydraulic system performance in real-time. PicoScope software provides more than 150 built-in guided tests covering engine and electrical sensors, actuators and systems. These include both voltage and current measurements and cover camshaft, crankshaft, oxygen sensors, injectors and many more. The tests assist in diagnosing engine faults correctly the first time; when combined with sensing hydraulic system activity, they allow diagnosis of the complex interactions of hydraulic and engine systems.

By Electropages Admin