Low cost pure sine wave output DC/AC inverters

02-11-2017 | Powersolve | Power

Powersolve offers its new PS series of 1000 to 5000VA DC/AC inverters. These are low-cost, pure sine wave output DC/AC inverters available from the company with inputs of either 12V, 24V or 48VDC. Customers can order an AC output of either 220VAC or 230VAC at 50Hz or 60Hz. According to the company, PS units are highly efficient, have a high surge rating and a low stand-by current. They incorporate an LCD display to indicate input DC voltage and output AC voltage while LED indicators show the unit’s operative status. These inverters are designed to shut down in the event of overload, over temperature or short circuit where users are alerted by audible alarms. An optional facility for remote control can also be offered. All versions are housed in a fan cooled anodized aluminium enclosure and meets all relevant safety and EMC standards.

By Electropages Admin