Platform update strengthens security and expands IoT device-to-cloud connectivity

08-09-2017 | Renesas | Design & Manufacture

Renesas Electronics has announced the latest update of its Renesas Synergy Platform, claimed to be the first qualified, maintained and fully supported software/hardware platform that accelerates time to market, reduces total cost of ownership and removes the obstacles engineers face designing IoT products. The platform consists of fully integrated software, development tools and a family of scalable MCUs with no upfront fees or back-end royalties – everything is included in the purchase price of the MCU device. “The functionality of the Synergy Platform continues to grow in value, serving embedded IoT developers with greater security, simple to integrate RF modules, and an ever-expanding full service software/hardware platform that accelerates time to market like never before,” said Peter Carbone, vice president of Synergy IoT Platform Business Division, Renesas Electronics Corporation. “Each new SSP release enables our customers to innovate and differentiate, while tackling the most complex IoT applications.” “With edge nodes and connected devices rapidly populating the IoT landscape, the need to put an end to security breaches of sensitive and confidential information has never been more critical,” said William E. Lamie, president, Express Logic, Inc. “We are thrilled to see Express Logic’s NetX Secure TLS and MQTT for NetX Duo inside Renesas’ Synergy Software. We believe that Synergy customers have the essential tools needed to quickly develop secure IoT device-to-cloud solutions.”

By Electropages Admin