Littelfuse – No need to compromise on size with new fuse blocks and holders

19-09-2017 | Littelfuse | Power

Littelfuse has introduced a multiple series of high-voltage fuse blocks and fuse holders designed for mechanical installation of fuses. Developed for applications from 400V to 600V, these new series include several fuse mounting alternatives to accommodate the mechanical design of the application. They are optimized for field servicing of equipment that is costly to move or for which downtime is unacceptable, while ensuring the safety of maintenance personnel by preventing electrical shocks when fuses must be replaced in the field.

Application areas include data centers, building automation, industrial power systems, and commercial appliances.

“These new higher voltage fuse blocks and holders offer the same miniature form factors as the lower voltage versions,” said Ben Zhang, product manager at Littelfuse. “This eliminates the need to compromise on size to get higher voltage performance.”

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