New series of phase stable test cables ideal for ultra-low loss test and measurement applications

14-08-2017 | Amphenol | Subs & Systems

Amphenol RF has introduced the ATC-PS series of amplitude and phase stable test cables. These pre-configured SMA assemblies are designed for high performance applications which require minimal insertion and return loss. They are ideal for test and measurement applications up to 20GHz and each assembly is tested to ensure electrical and mechanical performance. This new series of cable assemblies is available in standard lengths of 24”, 36”, 48” and 72”, as well as 1m. Custom lengths are available. These ultra low loss cable assemblies feature a robust strain relief construction to ensure stability of the centre contact relative to the connector body. This rigidity allows for optimal performance and consistent phase stability of ±5-degrees. These connectors are precision machined from stainless steel to provide enhanced durability of over 5,000 mating cycles. Connectors are terminated to triple shielded coaxial cable with FEP jacket featuring strip braid construction to provide low attenuation with maximum shielding effectiveness.

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