MCUs for precision sensing automotive, industrial and medical systems

02-02-2017 | Digikey | Semiconductors

Analog Device’s ADuCM330 / ADuCM331 are ideal precision sensing systems for lead acid battery systems found in cars, trucks, and light vehicles such as ATVs and lawn tractors, as well as battery systems found in industrial and medical applications for sensing in power backup systems. They are available now from Digi-Key. They are fully integrated, 8ksps, data acquisition systems that incorporate dual, high-performance multichannel sigma-delta (S-?) ADCs, 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 processors and Flash.

The ADuCM330 has 96kB whereas the AduCM331 has 128kB program Flash and 4kB data Flash. The devices are a complete system solution for battery monitoring in 12V automotive applications. The sensing systems integrate all the required features to precisely and intelligently monitor, process, and diagnose 12V battery parameters including battery current, voltage, and temperature over a wide range of operating conditions. Minimizing external system components, the devices are powered directly from a 12V battery. On-chip, low-dropout (LDO) regulators generate the supply voltage for two integrated S-? ADCs. The ADCs precisely measure battery current, voltage, and temperature to characterize the state of the health and the charge of the car battery.

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