High performance memory ideal for space constrained mobile and handheld applications

27-01-2017 | Digikey | Semiconductors

Winbond's W25X and W25Q SpiFlash multi-I/O memories, available now from Digi-Key, feature the popular serial peripheral interface (SPI), densities from 512 Kbit to 512 Mbit, small erasable sectors, and the industry's highest performance.

The W25X family supports dual-SPI effectively doubling standard SPI clock rates.The W25Q family is a "superset" of the 25X family with dual-I/O and quad-I/O SPI for even higher performance.

Clock rates up to 104MHz achieve an equivalent of 416MHz (50MByte/s transfer rate) when using quad-SPI. Faster transfer rates mean controllers can execute code (XIP) directly from the SPI interface or further improve boot time when shadowing code to RAM. Some SpiFlash devices offer the quad peripheral interface (QPI) supporting true quad commands for improved XIP performance and simpler controller circuitry.

There company’s ultra-small form-factor packages are ideal for space constrained mobile and handheld applications.

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