Digital signal processors for automotive audio applications

25-01-2017 | Digikey | Power

Available from Digi-Key, Analog Devices’ ADSPSC58X and ADSP-2158X family of dual core 450MHz SHARC DSP come with and without single ARM Cortex-A5 processors. Each part comes with SHARC SRAM with up to 640kB.

Ideal applications include automotive and industrial audio, smart energy metering and control, and multi-axis motor control. These processors are part of the high-performance, power-efficient, real-time series that delivers greater than 21 giga-floating-point operations per second using one enhanced SHARC+ core and advanced DSP accelerators (FFT, FIR, IIR). The series consume less than 2W, making the processor line-up more than five times more power efficient than previous SHARC products.

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