Choke inductor features high saturation current and low RDC

31-01-2017 | Digikey | Power

Available from Digi-Key, the Wurth Electronics WE-FAMI series is a THT high-current inductor made of coil design material and features high saturation current and low RDC. The wiring pattern not only ensures an additional reduction in the DC resistance, but also enhances the mechanical stability of the component.

The device is made of different core materials: NiZn top and bottom core and a MnZn rod core. The NiZn top and bottom base causes magnetic shielding plus electrical isolation and the MnZn rod core allows bigger inductance and lower RDC. This magnetically shielded construction design reduces the magnetic stray field and offers insulation protection against accidental contact, thus rendering additional insulation measures unnecessary. The series are used in high current applications.

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