World’s smallest multicore computer targets aerospace applications

19-07-2016 | e2v | Subs & Systems

e2v has partnered with French electronic design specialists, Adeneo, to develop an innovative, powerful and pocket-sized avionics computer weighing less than 300g. it is the world’s smallest multicore computer, says the company. Adeneo has developed a three-layer custom printed circuit board design that integrates e2v’s QT10A powerful processing solution to create a rugged, ultra-compact avionics computer. The new COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) avionics computer measures just 70mm x 50mm x 40mm, which offers both size and weight reductions in aerospace systems. Peripheral communications pass through avionic standard connectors that can be used in many aerospace applications, including unmanned aerial vehicles, and will be flight ready in 2018, says the company. The QT10A, the heart of the computer, is the first product of e2v’s Qormino family, combining an NXP QorIQ T1040 processor with 1GB DDR3L memory on a custom substrate, creating a powerful processing solution. Eric Marcelot, marketing and business development director, said: “With the ever-growing SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) constraints within the aerospace market, we are proud to develop a powerful, ultra-compact computer that’s commercially available.” François Sébès, president, Adeneo, added: “Combining our core competencies with the benefits of e2v’s Qormino in the computer design, we are able to keep our competitive edge in developing innovative embedded computers.”


By Craig Dyball