New SHDSL evaluation kit features SOCRATES chipset

19-11-2015 | Wurth | Design & Manufacture

In partnership with Teleconnect, Wurth Electronics Midcom is announcing the availability of the SOCRATES Evaluation Kit for SHDSL Ethernet First Mile (EFM) Modems, featuring Lantiq’s SOCRATES SHDSL chipset. The kit provides the ability to test the capabilities of Lantiq’s SOCRATES in single-pair SHDSL applications.

The SOCRATES Evaluation Board can be used as an EFM modem, an SHDSL EFM module, or a Plug-and-Play Ethernet Extender. This versatile board contains five DIP switches to allow users to evaluate the SOCRATES chipset in multiple modes. Twenty different bitrates, including auto mode, are available for selection. The SOCRATES family supports up to 60Mbps throughput over 4 copper wires, using four-pair bonding. Customers using SOCRATES in the field have achieved data rates up to 15Mbps per copper pair, or reach beyond 15Kilometers (9.3miles). This kit allows customers to test the SOCRATES chipset in a wide variety of new SHDSL applications in telecom, industrial and smart city markets, says the company.

“The SHDSL transformer has been customized to be compact (17.7mm x 13.4mm x 12.7mm height) and provides very good total harmonic distortion. These transformers meet UL and IEC standards, have a low leakage inductance (less than 35uH) and offers excellent longitudinal balance,” said Swaroop Vaidyanath, product marketing engineer, Wurth Electronics Midcom.

SOCRATES™ is the most innovative SHDSL chipset in the market, with the low power consumption (650mW per line), a small footprint (AFE-DFE-LD in one chip), the best throughput and excellent crosstalk cancellation. This kit provides users with the opportunity to evaluate and incorporate SHDSL into products, says the company.

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